Mobility and Robotics

Paramit has developed a manufacturing infrastructure ideal for mechatronic intensive instruments.  Our development and manufacturing capabilities are well suited for autonomous robotic systems that require a need for reliable and scalable manufacturing – much like medical instrumentation.  In fact, robotic applications are quickly entering the medical device space, and Paramit intends to support its medical and life science customers in these new technologies.

We are in the later stages of developing and implementing a “mobility and robotics” group which will operate under the same corporate structure as our medical device division.  Investments in process capabilities, equipment, and design engineering have been made to support this expansion, and we intend to leverage this new business for the benefit of all Paramit customers.

We look forward to speaking with companies on the forefront of mobility and robotics technology regardless of the specific end market application.


PCB Assembly and electronics testing

vPoke zero defect mechanical assembly

Experienced with motion control and vision systems

Floor space for large device assembly and mobility testing

Fabrication sourcing expertise

High volume production in Penang, Malaysia


20+ years in Automation & Robotics

Engineering tools for motion control analysis and thermal management

Experienced in Machine Vision

In-house rapid prototyping of structural components

Experienced with MIL-810 standards for robust design

Large engineering lab space